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September 18, 2021

Community services are one of the most rewarding and in-demand job opportunities in Australia with most notably social services specialists, youth workers, case managers, and childcare workers. On the other hand, working with the community services sector also means that you will be working with people from different walks of life who are experiencing discrimination, poverty, hardship, or even domestic violence. With Diploma of Community Services course, you will be able to better understand your job role and how to handle certain situations or people in your field.

Community services are that sector of the society that offers emergency and much-needed help in health clinics, food relief, emergency housing, child care services, counselling, aged care along other services. These services effect the most vulnerable members of the community in a positive way. Therefore, a career in community services can be challenging at times but, at the same time, it is hugely fulfilling as well. If you are the kind of person who always puts the well-being of others first with a kind and optimistic nature, a career in community services is an ideal fit for you.

Diploma of Community Services
Diploma of Community Services

You Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Getting a diploma in community services means that you are going to have a huge impact on the welfare of the vulnerable mass of society. Therefore, it can be said that you are going to improve the quality of the life of the people who will come under your guidance with Diploma of Community Services. The actions you will take will help build better lives by giving them hope for a better future. In the process of improving, one’s quality of life, you will build a stronger and more inclusive community.

Get A Variety of Job Opportunities

A student with a diploma in community services will get to work with a huge selection of client areas unlike in any other job sector. This also means that you will continue to grow and progress in your career until you find your niche.

Client areas in community services include:

  • Disability services

  • Aged care

  • Mental health and counselling

  • Family services

  • Child protection

  • Indigenous and multicultural support

  • Emergency relief

  • Asylum seekers and refugee services

  • Housing and community development

  • Youth justice

You Will Help People Grow

A course in Diploma of Community Services will give you the knowledge so that with your advocacy, help and support your clients are able to grow and live healthier and fuller lives. However, patience is another virtue you must possess to see things in a new light and give time for things to change. The result of your hard work might not come at first but, with small little steps, you will be able to improve the quality of your client’s life.

You Will Fight for The Rights of People

If you have a strong sense of social justice or feel passionate about fighting for the rights of people who could not help themselves then, Diploma of Community Services is the right career course for you. As a community social worker, you are nothing less than a superhero. You get to fight for the rights of your clients and learn about the procedures to do so in the diploma course. Tackle legal, social, and economic barriers that trap people and do not let them live a better life. The course will help you learn about the legal and social implications and how you can avoid adversaries to fight for your client’ rights.

Diploma of Community Services
Diploma of Community Services

A Diploma Will Help You Build a Career

There are a lot of scope and career path that comes under the Diploma of Community Services sector. Therefore, with a single course, you will have enough room to gain knowledge and expand your skillset. You can follow a variety of different paths throughout your career in community services.

Some of the roles that you might get interested in are:

  • Crisis Intervention Worker

  • Case Worker

  • Case Management Supervisor

  • Program Coordinator

  • Community Services Manager

  • Counsellor

  • Welfare Worker

  • Community Development Officer

  • Child Protection Officer

  • Halfway House Supervisor

  • Women’s Centre Program Supervisor

  • Community Care Coordinator

A Diploma Helps You for Future Growth

Community services in Australia is surging up and you could be a part of this industry with Diploma of Community Services. The growth is this sector have been consistent over the past few years. Predictions are also set that the number of employees will continue to rise along side plenty of job opportunities for those who are willing to pursue a career in community services.

Work At Various Sectors of The Community Services

Community services diploma can fetch you job in all the three sectors – not-for-profit, private and government. Each of these have its own benefits and perks. So, after getting a Diploma of Community Services you can choose the sector that will benefit you the most or gives you the best job satisfaction.

Choose Various Geographical Locations to Work

The workers of community services are required nationwide and in both small and big cities, rural remote locations, and regional towns. The plus side of having nationwide demand is that the workers are able to travel a lot and gain experience through exposure. Also, when there are so many options, you can choose to work and live where you want.

Flexible Hours for Work Is Available

Most of the job roles for community services are 24/7. So, this will give you the leverage to choose the ones that suits your schedule. Work only the hours that are suitable for you.

Get Personal Growth

Helping the people in need and giving back to society helps you greatly and gives you immense job satisfaction. Feel good about yourself and evolve as you gain experience in your career. The challenges will give your career a much-needed push and when you have a Diploma of Community Services, you will have a better understanding of how to navigate those challenges and be your best self. You will walk with people from different walks of life-giving you a chance to become a more emotionally intelligent and empathetic person.

There are many universities in Australia that offer community services. The varied curriculum gives you the ease of online classes from the comfort of your home alongside face-to-face learning once or twice a week. The blended learning classes will help you the time and ease to grasp the concept better and gain the skill sets you require to work as a community service worker.